Holistic Holiday Gift Guide

Great products, practices, and people.

We would take any opportunity to support women-owned, small businesses, artists and healers, but this season calls for the best of the best. First on our list:

Chica Chocolate

Chica combines chocolate with a Chinese herbs to create a crave-worthy treat that helps you feel good.

No matter how your period, or day, treats you now, Chica works from the inside-out to help you feel your best.

Our powerful herbal formulas support balance in your body and mind by nourishing your body's systems that already work to support you. Enjoying Chica can help you have an easier period, easier menopause, or simply an easier day.*

Original Chica Chocolate helps balance hormones, ease an uncomfortable period, and satisfy your PMS cravings. Chica is the perfect PMS treat that will actually help you feel better on your period.

Chica Glow is a crave-worthy treat that can help prevent and clear hormonal acne, in addition to all the amazing benefits Original Chica offers. Glow up your period - it's time for you to be the breakout star of your flow.

Chica Chill helps soothe heat flashes, moments of anxiety, night sweats, and trouble sleeping by nourishing your Yin. Whether you're going through the hormonal transitions of (peri)menopause, or just having a rough day, Chill is here to help you feel cool, calm, and collected.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Visit ChicaChocolate.com to order!

Next up!

Sustain Your Soul

Check out Sustain Your Soul for a selection of handmade goodies including body butters, bath salts, and elderberry syrups.

Our personal favorite is their Custom Elderberry Syrup Kit! 🍇✨Choose from their wonderful syrup blends to start and add or subtract the herbs and spices as you like.

Sustain Your Soul’s mission is to provide simply-made sustainable wellness products and support the whole family!

Another one...

Herban Cura

Photo by Emma L. McCann

Herban Cura’s Brujas herbal tincture blends make a beautiful gift! They are made from organic, local ingredients grown and bottled in NY.

Visit Herban Cura's site for more info on their products, or how to sign up for one of their knowledge shares!

In February they’re hosting a candle dipping workshop. Participants are sent a resource package to do the practice in their own home.

"HERBAN CURA evolved from the acknowledgement that the urban landscape can be taxing on our physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Our response to this urban disconnect is to provide inclusive spaces of healing, learning, and collaboration. We make these spaces accessible to varying communities in New York City by offering sliding scale pricing and hosting gatherings in every borough.

As healers we observe an inherent integrity present in Nature. In natural systems there is no waste. Difference enriches landscapes and abundance surges forth from simplicity. We aim to support the process of awakening these values in our Urban World."

Finally we have,

Ellen Bronson Designs

Ellen Bronson is a local Denver designer, creating custom and exclusive clothing. Shop ellenbronsondesigns.com or in store at 1872 S Broadway.

All designs online and in store can be remade or altered for your size. If you don’t see anything you like, you can place a personalized order that caters to your body and creativity. Send measurements and inspo pics or set up an appointment through the contact page on their website.

Happy Shopping!!