Artist Interview: Akiala I

The multidimensional being, Akiala I, was sent to earth to assist humanity's ascension and evolution. Through interactive and virtual experiences, Aki integrates the viewer or "player" with higher dimensional frequencies. Aki's current mediums of expression consist of adornment, sound, storytelling, and Futuristic - 80s -  workout videos (Aki & The Virtuals). Aki believes that taking actions to consciously create your reality is what life is about. She's committed to sharing her personal journey in hopes that it will encourage others to activate their ideal self.

We did a short, but sweet interview with Akiala I to get ready for her feature in the Wild Ride Collective virtual Show & Tell on Sunday, July 13th, 7pm! Aside from the enlightening and affirmational, vaporwave-esque workout videos that Aki creates, she has also designed fashion lines, and published several books with her own poetry, life lessons, and illustrations. Naturally, we wanted to know more.

DIRT: How do you get started?

Aki: Step One: SET THE VIBE: Make sure my space is clean and as organized as possible. Once the space i'm working in looks good and I have my snacks laid out I set the room by usually burning sage and any other candles or incenses depending on my mood and intention. Play some music or put on something visual.

Step Two: REVISIT GOALS: I usually get the work that is not as fun out of the way (replying to emails or business upkeep) so the rest of the time I can relax and not feel anxiety about unaccomplished things or rushed. I'm a list-er so I refer to my handy dandy notebook to see what my goals for that day/week were and I also usually prioritize my list by time sensitivity, importance aaand how long it will take to complete. That list helps me see what I should really work on vs what I may want to do in that moment. I'm working on finishing things I start because I would do this thing where I get bored with one project and start another and then I have multiple projects going on at the same time and it's exciting but that usually just ends up overwhelming. 

Step Three: INSPIRATION & IMPROVISATION: I'm a huge fan of Pinterest, I may have an addiction but I'm also addicted to feeling inspired so maybe all addictions aren't bad. I love Pinterest because it has images that just don't seem to exist anywhere else. I love making boards and curating different moods and worlds. I draw a lot of my inspiration from visuals and colors. Once I have a general mood I can create a general narrative for my art piece and then I just leave it up to the Jazz and my hands. Improvisation is key for my art because it leaves room for divinity to come in and allow me the chance to channel it into something tangible.  

DIRT: Where are you going?

Aki: Wherever I want to go. Somewhere warm, tropical and safe would be nice.

DIRT: What is your role as an artist in society & community?

Aki: To be a mirror and reflect the image of myself and the world how I see reality and want to see it. Being a mother, I also have a responsibility to give the children the space and courage to be themselves and share their ideas. 

DIRT: Who/what inspires you?

Aki: Me. Walt Disney because he was quite the visionary and he figured out how to get massive amounts of people behind his dream, so much so that even when he passed his team still built the insane project of Disney World. To me, that is some great leadership right there. I'm also inspired by Thundercat, the seductive fish in Fantasia, Frida Kahlo, Dali, Nature, shiny stuff, Jacob Collier, potatoes, my family, my tribe, my son.

DIRT: What does success look like to you?

Aki: A lotus flower is considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world yet it grows out of the muckiest water. That to me is success... that despite your environment or the contradictions you find a way to grow, be beautiful and fully be yourself.

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