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Amanda Roper, founder of Studiomade Goods, and your host Renee, discuss supporting artists through collectives, moments of success, how networking is not a dirty word, and the warm-fuzzy perks of interviewing artists.

Working in the arts for over six years, Amanda has become well versed in the challenges that artists face at every level of their career. Her wide range of arts experience ranges from working as the curator at an independent gallery, contracting for a city-wide celebration of the arts, serving on the board of a non-profit arts organization, even building and running a college club that bridged the gap between arts and entrepreneurship. The focus of her new company, Studiomade Goods, is to help the artist take that monumental step from hobby to profession.

“Sketch, make it, erase it, make it again, polish it, then publish it.” – Amanda

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You can apply to sell your work with Studiomade Goods, at the link below-
Apply: www.studiomadegoods.com/apply

Also, check out the Studiomade Goods blog- www.studiomadegoods.com/blog for artist best practices from writing a curriculum vitae to planning a workshop for the public.

Big thanks to Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales Branch of the Denver Public Library for their support in FREE music studio sessions!

Music by J.L. Kane

Produced by Renee Marino, Dirt Media, Denver

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